Antonio (Streets of Rage)
Japanese Name Antonio
Age Unknown
Height 215cm
Weight 120kg
Job/Occupation Hoodlum of the Syndicate
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Boomerang skills
Fighting Style Unknown

Antonio (アントニオ) is the very first boss encountered in Streets of Rage on The Streets, and is considered the easiest boss to beat. He does not appear in any sequels, aside from the Streets of Rage mobile remake Bare Knuckle Mobile.

Official BiosEdit

Bare KnuckleEdit

Height: 215cm
Weight: 120kg
Heritage: Italian
In close combat, he attacks with a front kick, from a distance he attacks by throwing his boomerang.
Antonio currently holds the 3rd place title in the world boomerang rankings.

Enemy InformationEdit

Streets of RageEdit

Antonio specializes in throwing his boomerang at the player when they are at a distance, however this leaves him vulnerable to attack since the boomerang itself can be easily jump kicked, or punched away. In addition, Antonio will kick the player when they stray too close to him, instantly knocking them down.

Antonio makes a second appearance as the first boss re-encountered on Stage 8, this time sporting a green palette.

Move ListEdit

  • Boomerang Throw
  • Front Kick

Names & PalettesEdit

Sprite Name Color Special Info
Antonio1 Antonio Blue Stage 1 Boss
Antonio2 Fernando Green Stage 8 Mid-Boss

Game AppearancesEdit

Mega Drive / GenesisEdit

Game Gear AppearancesEdit

Master System AppearancesEdit

Mobile AppearancesEdit


  • Due to a lack of any official english naming system, Antonio has had various fan names over the years, many using names associated with boomerangs. So far Antonio is the only known canon name (the chinese version of Bare Knuckle Mobile does however have his spritesheet named Stitch)
  • It is hard to see, but Antonio does wear small glasses (much more visible in the character art).
  • Much like the other characters, Antonio has an exclusive palette in the Game Gear version (grey attire instead of blue)
  • Antonio is the only name or design from Streets of Rage to not make a return in any of the main sequels, albeit returning in Bare Knuckle Mobile.
  • Antonio, with the help of a cheat device, can be briefly played as in Streets of Rage. It is a very glitchy using him however.