Max Thunder
Max Thunder (Bare Knuckle II)
Full Name Max Thunder
Age Early 30s
Gender Male
Race Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job/Occupation Wrestler
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Spinning Knuckle Bomb, Thunder Tackle, Atomic Drop
Fighting Style Wrestling

Max Thunder is a playable character from the Streets of Rage series. He is a professional wrestler and good friend of Axel Stone, who first appears in Streets of Rage 2 to help Axel, Blaze Fielding and Sammy Hunter rescue the kidnapped Adam Hunter.


Streets of Rage 2Edit

The first appearance of Max, he joins Axel, Blaze, and Sammy in rescuing Adam Hunter. Not much is known why he decided to join the trio, other than his friendship with Axel.

Streets of Rage 3 / Bare Knuckle IIIEdit

While not a playable character, he can be seen in the good ending with the other heroes watching the sunset.


Max is the slowest and strongest character. Also, due to his tall and hulky build, he is the only character from the entire series who cannot vault above a grabbed opponent - instead, he will jump and take the opponent to the air with him.

Signature movesEdit

  • Spinning Knuckle Bomb: Max spins rapidly with his arms extended horizontally with hands clasped together, hitting enemies both in front and behind him in a circular hammering motion.
  • Thunder Tackle: Max projects himself forwards at incredible speed with an extended shoulder, taking down multiple enemies ahead.
  • Power Slide: Max ducks down quickly and slides forward, hitting enemies at their leg level. This move is frequently used to compensate for Max's slow walking speed.
  • Bear Hug: Max grabs the enemy and crushes his/her skull in-between his arms 5 consecutive times.
  • Thunder Body Slam: due to his inability to vault when grabbing an opponent, Max can use this move as an alternative to inflict damage. Grabbing his opponent first, Max can jump and throw his enemy violently against the ground with the impact force of a hammer striking an anvil.
  • Atomic Drop: due to his inability to vault when grabbing an opponent, Max can use this move as an alternative to inflict damage. Grabbing from behind, Max can jump and smash his enemy's spinal column against his knee upon landing. This is one of the most powerful moves in the game (and most damaging in Max's repertoire).

Fighting styleEdit

Max is a skilled wrestler. He has the most grapples and throws in the SOR series. His suplex are the most powerful in the game as they can take up most (if not all) of the opponent's life gauge.

Character EvolutionEdit

Max is only featured in SOR2. Axel and Blaze succeed in strength due to their stats being slightly stronger. Blaze's German suplex as well as other throws deal more damage closely mirroring his suplex while Axel has become more of a powerhouse possibly having trained more with Max after the events of SOR2.

Game appearancesEdit

Mega Drive / GenesisEdit

Streets of Rage (comics)Edit

Contrary to his official Streets of Rage 2 storyline, the comics depict Max as a cop just like Axel and Blaze, quitting the force after Axel is brutally pummeled by corrupted officers. Max has also an arch-nemesis, Hawk, whom he manages to kill at the end of the episode.


  • In SOR2, his frame is large, with slightly exaggerated muscle size. In his cameo in the SOR3 good ending however, Max is given a more realistic, albeit still muscular frame.
  • Despite appearing in the third installment's good ending, Max does not appear during the credit action shots.
  • With no direct connections to the police force, or the Syndicate, Max is the only character without a direct cause in battling the Syndicate, other than friendship. This could explain his absence in the third installment.
  • It is unknown if, canonically, Max has met Zan, as they never appear together during the good ending in the third installment. This would make them the only two main characters to have never met.