Mr. X
Sor3 mrx
Mr. X
Japanese Name Mr. X
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job/Occupation Boss of the Syndicate
Hobbies Unknown
Special Skills Shooting everywhere
Fighting Style Unknown

Mr. X (ミスターエックス) is the main antagonist of the Streets of Rage series, who runs the crime Syndicate that controls the city. He has appeared in every game of the series often serving as the final boss. His true identity is unknown.

Official BiosEdit

The boss of the crime syndicate.

Enemy InformationEdit

Streets of RageEdit

Mr. X's crime organization the Syndicate corrupts the town and causes a crime wave that only Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding can stop. He first appears in the first game at the end of the eighth and final round. Impressed by how Adam, Axel, and Blaze have managed to defeat all his goons and make it to his lair, he asks them if they want to work for him. If the player answers yes, Mr. X will open a trap door sending the player back to level six. If the player answers "no" or makes it back to him after saying "yes", the fight against Mr. X will begin. He first attacks by just sitting there and having you warmed up by sending henchmen to fight for him. After enough henchmen are defeated, Mr. X will finally rise from his chair and attack by firing his machine gun everywhere. After he is defeated, the ending shows him unconscious before the heroes. If two players make it to Mr. X's lair, it is possible to access the bad ending. To see the bad ending, one player must answer yes to Mr. X with the other answering no. The player that answers yes must prove his/her loyalty by defeating the other player. Afterwards, the player must reject Mr. X's final offer and fight him alone. The bad ending has the player become the new leader of the Syndicate.

Streets of Rage 2Edit

One year after his defeat, Mr. X returns and exacts revenge by kidnapping Adam Hunter with the assistance of his new right-hand man Shiva. Axel and Blaze make it to his lair with the help of Adam's younger brother Eddie "Skate" Hunter and Max Thunder, finally confronting Mr. X at the end of the game. X fights the same as in the last previous game, except having you face his bodyguard Shiva before you fight him. After Mr. X is defeated a second time, the ending shows the heroes freeing Adam with X presumed dead.

Streets of Rage 3Edit

Mr. X resurfaces and teams up with Dr. Dahm to replace the city officials with robotic duplicates of them, and he has also planted bombs all over town(in the original Bare Knuckle III version, the story involved an explosive substance called Rakushin). Storming his headquarters the heroes fight what appears to be Mr. X, but it is revealed to really be a fake robotic duplicate. Depending on whether or not the heroes save Ivan Petrof/The Chief in the next stage, they either head to City Hall and defeat Shiva, showing an angered X alive and hidden away or they head to X's hidden laboratory and discover his brain is controlling Neo. X and has planted bombs ready to go off shortly, capable of starting a war. Defeating Neo. X in time shows X's brain dying, and presumably killing him once and for all.

Canonically it is accepted the Neo. X ending is the correct ending, although the "bad" ending, showing him alive and hidden away, is deemed by some fans as more realistic, and lends itself to a sequel more than the""good" ending.

Streets of Rage ComicEdit

Though he was absent in the first story arc of the Streets of Rage comic strips featured in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, Mr. X is the main antagonist in the second and final story arcs.

In the second story arc, Mr. X hires some of his minions to assassinate Murphy, who is the step-father of Skates. Skates later joins Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, and Max Hatchet to foil his plot in bombing a boat.

Skates manages to defuse one bomb, but Mr. X reveals that there is a second bomb. While this bomb goes off, everyone survives the crash. Bitter over his step-father's death, Skates considers killing Mr. X, but spares him due to the crime boss's pleading.

He returns in the third and final story, where he places bets on what street gangs will kill Axel, Blaze, Max, and Skates before they reach the river. The four vigilantes manage to defeat all the thugs after Blaze makes a bet with Mr. X about their survival.

After Blaze won her bet, she is given the money by a new Mr. X, who reveals that his predecessor was killed in a "swimming accident" and that he plans to "recoup his loses" and kill the vigilantes. After this story, no further Streets of Rage strips were published.

The original Mr. X looked nearly identical to his game counterpart, except he wore pale blue clothes and had a beard. The second Mr. X had a flat top, a scar across his face, and a blank eye.

Move ListEdit

  • Gun melee
  • Shooting frenzy

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  • In the final confrontation in Bare Knuckle II, Mr.X is seen smoking a cigar. This was removed in Streets of Rage 2.
  • Much like the other characters, Mr. X has an exclusive palette in the Game Gear version of Streets of Rage (white attire instead of green).
  • Currently, there is no proof that X had a name in Streets of Rage, thus making him the only unnamed enemy.
  • In some magazines, and even official cards and merchandise, Mr. X was given the name Mr. Big.
  • Mr. X's machine gun changes drastically in the first two games, with the first game being a more modern rifle, and the second game having a vintage Tommy Gun as his choice of firearm.