Sor2 punk robot
Particle (Streets of Rage 2)
Japanese Name Particle
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job/Occupation Robot of the Syndicate
Hobbies -
Special Skills -
Fighting Style -

Particle is one of the several robots that are fought in Streets of Rage. They also happen to be the boss of Round 7.

Enemy InformationEdit

Streets of Rage 2Edit

This robot enemy appears only in Streets of Rage 2/Bare Knuckle II in a group boss battle in Stage 7. This enemy is also seen in Stage 8. Particle, like most of the robots in Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle games, move around by jumping around the area. Its main attacks are done by punching players with its spiked balls for fists. See the Move List for all of Particle's attacks.

Move ListEdit


Swing Punch

Electric Body


Laser Shot

Names & PalettesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • When battled usually, there will be two of these robots to battle. Should you set the difficulty to 'Hard' or higher, you will have to do battle with three. But on Mania, there's four.
  • The P-1/XP-1 robots in Bare Knuckle III/Streets of Rage 3 act a lot like the Particle robot. They jump constantly, shoot lasers, can escape grabs, and even self-destruct.
Sprite Name Color Special Info
Particle Chrome armour with camouflage. Stage 7 Boss