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Y. Signal (Streets of Rage 2)

Y. Signal (Y.シグナル), or Yellow Signal (イェロー・シグナル), is the last of the three most common enemies (the others being Donovan and Galsia) encountered in the Streets of Rage universe. He appears in all three Streets of Rage titles, and the first letter in his name changes based on the color of the coat that he is wearing, with yellow being the most common.

Y. Signal has a few distinctions that separate him from his more common brethren. Y. Signal has a life bar that is as long as the player characters, and he can throw at will. He also has the most evasive footwork of the three, and having his back turned to the camera, he can attack with a sneaky two-hit backfist that results in a knockdown. He also possesses a unique sliding attack as well. He is at his most dangerous in a crowd, where he can speed in on the player and open them up for attack to his teammates, but he is not very dangerous when he is with two other allies or less. Lastly, he is unable to use weapons, so unless attacking with his slide or backfist (which both have longer reach than most of the player characters' basic punches), the player character can get in on him and defeat him.

Enemy Information Edit

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Streets of Rage 2

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Names & Palettes Edit

Y. Signal Yellow Common variant.
R.Signal Red
P.Signal Purple
B.Signal Blue
G.Signal Green
D.Signal Light Green